Essentials of a mobile kitchen design: Key tips before the design

So you’ve finally decided to own a mobile kitchen and cannot wait to initiate your ambitious mobile food business?  That’s a good start but that’s also the point where you need get serious about getting involved in the nitty-gritty’s of your mobile truck.

Importance of a good design 

A smartly designed truck kitchen is imperative not just to impress your customers, but also to ensure its safety and efficiency. Go wrong with any part of the equipment and you may have a serious disaster in the making.

The designing essentials are mainly dictated by the available space, the equipment you plan to use and of course, your budget. Do remember the significance of ergonomics as this one aspect alone can get you a lot of measurable results.

Now imagine this scenario:

Just when you’re contemplating about the design and layout of your much-cherished cart, you realize that you simply don’t have the budgetary resources to afford a fully furnished mobile kitchen as you need to focus on other important things as well.

Hysteria strikes as you believe that the appearance of an amateurish, unattractive mobile truck reeks of unprofessionalism.

Just relax because that’s not true.

The absence of a sleekly designed mobile business does not have to be a dampener because guess what, many budding entrepreneurs choose to make their mobile truck themselves because the cost savings are enormous.

A thoughtful approach in mobile kitchen design will save you both money and time while safeguarding your mobile business’s profitability.

Also, building a neat, simply-designed mobile food truck is easier than you think. By the time you’re done reading these tips, you’ll be more than confident of installing the entire food truck equipment on your own.

Key tips

Plan the design

This is the first and the most important step. Plan how best you can utilize the existing space of your food truck. As always, ergonomics takes precedence here and your endeavour must be to design the truck equipment in a manner which encourages safety and functional utility.

Do ensure that there is adequate space to carry around hot food items as well as bulky supplied. If the mobility of your staff is stymied or compromised in any manner, injuries will soon ensue and you don’t want that to happen, do you?


Prepare a list of items on menu

The next stage necessitates the preparation of a list of menu of items you’d make for your mobile food business.

Outline the mode of food preparation as well as storage before selecting the equipment because you’ll get to know about the types of equipments required for the business only after you have a ready list of food items to prepare. Making menu changes after installing the equipment could lead to unexpected expenses which could have been avoided altogether via sound planning.

Outline the equipment for your food truck

Prepare a comprehensive list of the equipment needed for preparing food, refrigeration, safety and storage.  Every item should be able to meet commercial health-code standards, so make sure you know what to exclude before you’re reprimanded.

You may now want to accurately measure the dimensions of your planned kitchen space. While doing so, don’t leave out doorways, windows and other outlets.

Prepare a rough sketch of the kitchen space you possess and note down the flooring and ceiling materials you’d like to use while observing the placement of A/C and/or exhaust vents.

Get your plan reviewed

The next step requires you to undertake a thorough review of every aspect of your mobile kitchen design. Get in touch with your city/state department and schedule an appointment to analyze your initial sketches.

Regulations are like a roadmap on issues like:

Distance of the food preparation area from sensitive points including electrical outlets and sinks

  1. Installation of vents, etc
  2. Temperature capacity of food processing devices.

Ensure that all fire and health standards are adhered to and don’t feel reluctant to remodel your mobile kitchen if you’re asked to. Also, ensure that you obtain a printed copy of all possible norms before designing the trucks kitchen.

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