Food Truck Equipment – Things You Need To Get Your Mobile Food Business Started

So you’ve got a brand-spanking new food truck; a bunch of highly-qualified chefs and crew members; and a unique food concept – you’re ready to rock, roll, and conquer the mobile food industry, yes?

Nope! Not just yet.

Food trucks may come in different shapes, different sizes: There are delivery-type trucks that you usually see in TV; there are food trucks that can be as MASSIVE as a bus; and there are food trucks that are as small as cars. BUT whatever their size, here’s the bottom line – a food truck won’t be complete without the necessary kitchen, cooking, and maintenance equipment.

The Cost Of Food Truck Equipment
Just like in getting a food truck, there are different routes you can take for your kitchen and maintenance equipment. You can settle for the bare bones to get your mobile food business, which can cost you anywhere from $10k to $13k. Here are some of the most basic and most common equipment you need for your food truck:

– A 3-compartment sink PLUS a hand wash sink for washing your ingredients
– A refrigerator to keep your food ingredients fresh
– A cooler to keep your sodas and other drinks cool and refreshing
– A dispenser for serving your ice tea, lemonade, or soft drinks
– A char-broiler or flat griddle for broiling your food items

Those are the VERY basics. Now, if you want to have more flexibility in expanding your food items and menu, you may want to add a:

– Hotdog roller if you serve hotdog sandwiches
– Soft-serve machine for serving ice cream
– Vertical gyro machine for customizing your dishes (and if you serve something like shawarma)

Cuisine-Based Equipment
The bare-bones equipment might be enough to get your food truck business off the ground. BUT if you are serving a unique menu, you need go beyond that! The following list is by no means exhaustive, but together with the basic equipment, they should be enough to get you started:

Chinese / Thai Cuisine: If you want to serve Chinese and Thai foods like pla ra, nam phrik, and jasmine rice, you need at least a bamboo steamer, a rice cooker, and wok to get the job done.

Greek & Middle Eastern Cuisine: If your food menu is based on Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine…relies on using olive oil, veggies and herbs, grains and breads, and various meats like lamb, poultry, rabbit, etc., you want to have (at the very least) a gyro and juice machine.

Hispanic Cuisine: If tortillas, tacos, salsas, and other condiments like guacamole, chili, and pico de gallo are the ‘bread and butter’ of your food truck, you need at least a cheese melter, chip warmer, and salamander broiler to serve Hispanic and south American dishes.

Italian Cuisine: Pizzas, spaghetti, lasagna – Who doesn’t know them!? Italian foods are almost always just around the corner! And if you want your food truck business to specialize Italian cuisine, then you want to have a meat slicer, pasta roller and cooker, pizza preparation table and oven, and a sandwich grill at the very least.

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