How to procure quality lunch trucks for sale

You have an absolutely revolutionary idea for your mobile business- You’ve outlined the list of menu items; funding and all relevant licenses/clearances have been approved; you’ve even managed to gab hold of a couple of partners; now you’re just stuck at one final stage- getting a truck for sale.

Regardless of their type or brand promotion style, lunch trucks are usually adored by one and all.

Let’s face it; each time we come across a new food truck offering delectable items that promise to titillate out taste buds, there is a pervasive sense of euphoria among the crowd.

That’s the kind of impact lunch trucks have on our psyche!

Also, they are tremendously profitable because they create brand awareness about your mobile food business without too much of an effort (It’s mobile after all!).

Speaking about being mobile, the street food sector is generating sales of over $1 billion per year, which translates into a yearly growth of almost 4% between 2008-3013.

This growth understandably implies that the numerous lunch truck makers and equipment designers are set to sustain their burgeoning growth in the next few years.

Lunch trucks for sale: How and where to get mobile lunch trucks for sale

Here are a few simple steps that can simplify this seemingly onerous challenge for you.

Select a suitable location

Let’s get down to the basics. The first step involves the selection of a good location for your lunch truckwhich is the one of best asset your business boasts of (in addition to the food of course).

Choose a location which is prominent, witnesses good traffic, has good proximity to events to large gatherings and is easily accessible by walking.

Renting or Purchasing- the million dollar question

Experts unanimously opine that beginners should seriously consider renting lunch trucks because it allows you to get a better grip on your business.

Any decent lunch truck replete with the typical facilities (such as steam table, a robust top, sinks, food processors, coffee maker, etc) would cost you between a whopping $120,000 and $130,000.

That’s a lot of money and we’ve not even included licensing, maintenance, parking and other miscellaneous expenses. Think about it. Would you be willing to make that kind of an investment?

In contrast, renting a good quality lunch truck would cost you around $2,000-$3,000 per month for six month lease agreements or longer.

Moreover, you get invaluable experience of handling everyday challenges that any mobile business owner is confronted with, along with the accompanying risks/predicaments. However, you get all of that without spending too much money.

How to get a good lunch truck for sale

Regardless of the brand name of manufacturer you choose to obtain a lunch truck from, consider these points:

  1. Select a manufacturer that is familiar with your local city/state laws

They should have a considerable amount of experience in making food trucks for the region where you live because every state has its own set of guidelines.

  1. The truck maker should help get approval from the health department

While you can and should be familiar with the norms laid down by the health departmentfood truck producers can help you expedite the process and get quick clearance. Make sure you both are on the same page and there’s no lack of communication.

  1. Check online

There many websites that can help you trace customized lunch trucks or pinpoint specific locations where you can good a seriously good deal.

You may also want to check resources on other aspects of your business like your competitors, upcoming festivals and innovative ideas to position your lunch trucks for sale attractively.

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