Important facts to remember about custom food trucks

It is an established fact that custom trucks are so popular and consumer-friendly that most new entrants and even aspirants already makeup their mind to order one.

The advantages of procuring a custom-based mobile food truck are far-reaching in that they are cost-efficient and help owners get exactly (in terms of shape, equipment and dimensions) what they think would suit their long-term requirements while obviating their need to ‘settle with’ whatever they’ve been offered.

You as a potential truck owner can offer your inputs during the production stage and improvise as and when you feel the need to, which invariably results in a truck that conforms to your liking! How’s that for empowerment!

All these exciting prospects notwithstanding, there are a few extremely important yet lesser known facts that you must come to terms with before initiating your business.

As they say, it’s better to prepare than to repair!

Key facts about custom trucks

Food trucks are not for every aspiring entrepreneur

Yes, that may come as a big jolt but it’s true nonetheless. Mobile food trucks are not suitable for everybody, let alone custom trucks simply because they are not legal in some parts of the city.

In order to get around this problem, find out whether you are allowed to display a food truck in the location that you have chosen.  One good thing coming out of all this is that you can request custom truck manufacturers to help you trace a feasible location because that’s one of their USPs.

Moreover, they can also let you gain a foothold into events every week to serve a wider client base.

Getting a custom built food truck can be expensive

Yes, there are numerous advantages to a customized food truck and you may want to seriously consider this option, but it is by no means a cheap endeavor.

Although it’s definitely cheaper than a restaurant, you may want to explore your financing options by contacting custom food truck manufacturers who can get convenient options for you.

Running a customized food truck service is not too dissimilar to a restaurant

A lot of us erroneously assume that concession trailer businesses only serve those who’re looking to have a quick taste of some food items as they have little time at their disposal.

While this is partially true, most customers would still prefer to enjoy a pleasant dining experience at your truck and would judge your custom food truck on yardsticks similar to that of a full-fledged restaurant. They’re also likely to be unforgiving to any of your shortcomings, so make sure to focus a lot on quality.

Beware of competition

When you launch a new mobile food business over a smart looking custom food truck, restaurants close to the area are likely to take note of it.  They may feel threatened by your presence and kick-start new campaigns to promote their offering and offset your service. Prepare yourself for this possibility and take appropriate measures to safeguard your business interest.

Use social media to your advantage to tackle competition by dedicating a page on Facebook or tweeting tips on customizing food trucks, filling toppings on food items and initiating a small business. Think out of the box and the possibilities are endless.

Owning a custom truck is a lot of hard work

Taking care of your custom food truck entails a lot of efforts on your part, from maintenance to upgrades to safety. You will have to put in long hours during the weekdays (and weekends!) and wear multiple hats to accommodate a plethora of responsibilities: A server, cook, accountant, manager or CEO.

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