Make your hot dog cart business deliver hot results for you

Did you ever know that you can make truck loads (no pun intended) of money through seasonal businesses?

Yes, that’s right! You can actually pick up a business of your choice at a season that you think would generate good sales, as long as you put your mind into it!

Let’s take the example of a hot dog cart business, which is not really a seasonal business.

Now before you cringe at the prospect and presume that this opportunity is really a lucrative one, consider these mind-boggling facts:

  • The average income for a hot dog vendor who works throughout the year is a staggering. $100,000/ear. It goes without saying that sky is the limit for the maximum amount.


  • A delectable hot dog with toppings and buns costs just 50 cents.


  • A vendor typically resells a hot dog for nearly $2.50.


  • By selling just 100 hot dogs a day, you can earn $52,000 per year!


  • The earnings have been calculated on the basis of working 8 hours a day, five days a week.

These figures based on realistic, even conservative estimates. The good part is that you can easily increase your income by doing something as mundane as charging extra for toppings like sauerkraut, chilli and cheese, etc.

Better still, these figures do not take into account the sale of other products such as potato chips, soda, soft drinks, candies or desserts. There are many hot dog vendors who even sell flowers too!

Then you can work extra hours on weekends because that’s usually when people go out to attend events, concerts or parties.  By targeting the right events on weekends, you can make $1000-500-$5,000 per day.

Changed your mind already?

If yes, then pat yourself on the back because running a hot dog cart business is one of the easier mobile businesses to sustain.

How, you ask? Well, here’s how!

Tips on running a successful hot cart business


Regulatory clearance

The first step is consult your Zoning Planning and Development and Business License department respectively (depending on where you live) to get a concession for your cart business. Then you must use a commissary because it is akin to running a licensed kitchen.

Many municipalities will prevent you from operating a mobile food business within their community unless you do it at a commissary where you can store your product without any hassles

You may also like to consult your local health department to find out the things you cannot sell.


Selecting a good location

The three keys to a successful hot dog business are:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

A no-brainer, really. While selecting a location, select a busy area because the higher the traffic, the greater your earning potentials.

As a thumb rule, foot traffic is preferred over drive-on traffic because walking customers will find it easier to trace your business as opposed to those who are driving.

Good options include roadside locations, downtown business districts, parking lots, universities, festivals, concerts and industrial parks.




Get a cart

That’s where you’ll be selling your products from, so don’t neglect the importance of buying a good quality cart. Thankfully, you can use a quality stainless steel cart for less than $2,000. If that sounds high, consider buying used wieners for $500-$600.

Buy hot dogs from good sources

Make sure you buy from popular wholesale sources like B J’s Wholesale, Sam’s Club, Sysco or GFS. You can also tie up with them in order to avoid expensive food brokers. But don’t restrict yourself to these choices and get fresh hot dogs from wherever you can!

Your goal should be to serve the best at all times.

Keep the menu simple

Keep your menu simple because it’s much easier to prepare, manage and sell fewer items without wasting your time and effort. Or you can focus on making a particular type of hot dog.

However, you may want to think on your feet and include popular items like cookies or chips, whenever you feel the need to.

Steam the bun

While your offering should cater to the tastes and preference of your local community, most people prefer a steaming bun to complement a hot dog nicely. Find out what cavity of hot dogs is preferred in your area and deliver exactly that to them. Follow hot  dog cart on Twitter.

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