The Essentials Of A Trailer Concession Business- An Overview

Recession or no recession; there two universal facts about the human psyche:

1) Everyone gets hungry; and 2) When they do, they like to eat fresh, tasty food!

Let’s face it; even if you don’t have a lot of time or money at your disposal, you wouldn’t mind gorging on a tasty meal especially in a casual, non-threatening ambience.

How often have you attended a concert or an event where a large part of the crowd ended up getting deflected to attractive mobile food businesses (we’ve all been there, done that) serving delectable foods?

Even if you’ not an astute observer, you’ll figure out that concerts, parades, sporting events or parties are ideal places for thriving concession businesses because food, entertainment and engagement go hand in hand.

Running a concession trailer business- a lucrative opportunity

Let’s go one step further: Have you been secretly harboring a dream of running a recession-proof business that is perfectly positioned to address the most basic human need of all?

If yes, you may well be on your road to entrepreneurial success. But what about the roadblocks and other potential challenges?

Well, running a concession trailer business is not as difficult as you think it is. By approaching the idea methodically and purposefully, you can get around most problems with considerable ease.

That being said, there is a caveat to it.

The most successful people running the business are those who have a penchant for being in the outdoors engaging with large groups of people. So if you’re someone who’d rather cozy up inside a restaurant, do reconsider!

Concession Trailers

Focus on a niche

The first obvious step lies in establishing a solid yet flexible business plan. To that end, make sure you focus on a specific niche. For instance, you could consider selling fresh barbecue, sizzlers, pretzels or even snow cones. Knowing your target audience would help big time.

Research events and festivities

Do an extensive research on the upcoming festivals, musical concerts, sporting events, carnivals or exhibitions within your vicinity. You may also want to check out your local community calendar.

Obtain driving licenses and permits

Each state has its own commercial driver licensing guidelines, so do get in touch with your local authorities to ensure that you’ll need a commercial license to run the trailer.

Similarly, you will need to get the necessary permits in your city which may include anything ranging from a food manager certificate to a temporary food vendor permit to a sales & use license.

Network aggressively

This is a vital step: Get associated with as many events or festivals as you can for a given calendar year.  Obtaining permits in advance for the same will help you generate a steady income, at least initially.

Getting the equipments

Getting robust, durable concession trailer equipments is imperative because a lot of wear and tear would inevitably ensue. Carefully calibrate on the kind of equipment that will best suit your business.

It could be a fridge, freezer, stove burner, or deep fryer. You may also want to consider a dual-purpose equipment that allows optimize space utilization.

Then there are those disposable products like straw, napkins, paper plates, cups, cutlery, that also deserve your attention.  First impression is very often the last one, so stock all these items well in advance.


All of the above steps will come to nothingness if you don’t promote your concession trailer business!

Do whatever it takes to attract attention, with an effervescent demeanor.  Put up a prominent banner on top, pass on samples to the attendees, and dedicate a FB page to your business. Also, feel free to use other social media platforms like Pinterest and Twitter to create awareness.

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