The Top 3 Mobile Food Trucks And What We Can Learn From Them

Against food chain giants and established brick-and-mortar restaurants, what can lowly, startup mobile food trucks do? The answer: a lot! You may not realize it yet, BUT food trucks have a lot of innate advantages against traditional and recognized food stores and restaurants.

A unique food offering, personalized touch, and excellent customer service – believe it or not, these three alone can give even the BIGGEST and most high-end dining chains a run for their money. Just take a look at what the top 3 mobile food trucks did and learn from them!

Red Hook Lobster Truck From New York
The early days of this mobile food truck (run by Ralph Gorham and Susan Povich) wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination! Every single week, Ralph had to drive all the way up to Maine to haggle with professional lobstermen and buy nothing BUT the freshest catch to sell live in their water tanks.

Susan, on the other hand, drew from her Maine roots. Combined with the extensive culinary training she received from the French Culinary Institute, she crafted a unique, mouth-watering menu that reinvented the conventional Maine lobster rolls and chowders.

Many food trucks of today are making a bit of profit here and there as copycats. BUT Susan was having none of it! She wants Red Hook Lobster Truck to hit BIG…and she knows that it requires coming up with a unique twist on traditional dishes.

And boy this couple was spot on with their approach!

Thanks to the media frenzy their truck created and with countless satisfied customers raving for them, their mobile food truck was an instant hit. Within a year after their start-up, they had the financial power to expand and include a picnic-style dining room. Fast forward today, they now have two thriving lobster trucks in. And with plans to expand to other cities, lobster-lovers can only be happy with the result!

Kogi BBQ From Los Angeles
It was during Thanksgiving of 2008 when the Kogi BBQ mobile food truck first rolled out…selling $2.00 Korean BBQ tacos on the bustling streets of Los Angeles, California. The owners’ expectations were modest.

Not in their wildest dreams did they expect that Kogi BBQ would soon be the most popular icon of LA’s food-on-the-go. Within months of operation, they became the symbol of rebellion – going against the norm and standards set by brick-and-mortar restaurants…and roving that excellent food doesn’t have to be expensive!

Unique food menu is one of the BIGGEST factors that contributed to the mobile food truck’s success. For starters, their short rib taco not only captivated the taste-buds of Angelenos, it was anointed as one of the city’s classics!

Combined with their regular runs to El Segundo, Venice, Granada Hills, Diamond Bar, etc., it took only a few years to put Kogi BBQ and street food to establish themselves at the minds (and mouths) of every diner!

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck From New York
This mobile food truck started as a 2009 summer experiment by Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff. BUT with so many ice cream parlors in the city, can they bring something new to the table? Yes and here’s what they brought: a unique hybrid of Mister Softee and Mario Batali!

Their unique menu combined the traditional soft-serve ice cream and imaginative…crazy toppings like wasabi pea dust, olive oil, sea salt, Nilla Wafers, and MORE. More importantly, they served ice cream the way it should – with a genuine smile and enlivening humor!

It didn’t take long before BGIC was blessed with raving fan reviews and excellent mentions from BIG news outlets like The Daily News, The New York Post, Time Out NY, The Huffington Post, and MORE.

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